Messaging is a very useful facility in today business scenario. Since, the mobile channel is fast becoming an important component of business communications strategies worldwide, the SMS or text messaging is an effective tool for business communications. It is because of its simplicity, ease of use and reach. And as Tally.ERP9 is most widely accepted ERP solution, sms from Tally is again effective way to reach to customers and to communicate with them.

This module will be designed to automate and provide ease to sms process in tally, which would otherwise have to be done telephonically or by mail manually.

  •  Provide an innovative, effective sms sending process.
  • Send immediate message as soon as sale is made or payment has received with related details.
  •  Enable user to send bulk promotional / wishing message to parties / group.
  •  Dramatically reduce manual process.

This Design Overview is the brief description of the way of working of SMS Module. The system architecture is the way to give the overall view of the system. This allows the reader and user of the document to orient themselves to the design and see a summary before proceeding into the details of the design.

On accept of payment voucher, a message will be shown that will ask to send the sms. If user selects ‘Yes’ or press ‘Y’/Enter then the sms will be sent, else sms will not be sent.

  •  Sms can be sent through single entry mode only.
  • User is free to set different sms texts according to payment A/c i.e. cash or bank.
  • User is free to set following details in sms
    o Greeting Text
    o Party Name
    o Main Sms Text
    o Amount
    o Bill Details
    o Voucher Date
    o Closing Balance
  •  Include Post Dated Cheques
  • Closing Balance Text
    o Closing Text
    o Company Name

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