Safari Management Solution is a Magical Module addressing all the major requirements of Safari / Tour Operators.

Salient features –

  • Order Management (Booking with itinerary info.)
  • Service Delivery Charts (Daily duty allocation to representatives)
  • Secondary Services (Further Booking with forest department)
  • Delivery Management (Ordered / Non Ordered Services)
  • Descriptive Invoicing (to Agents / Agencies)
  • Personalised Outstanding Reports

Operations –

  • It starts by receiving an order from the first agent/ tour operator company
  • A Service Order is created in Tally, which keeps altering till the time guest arrives
  • Advance bookings for the Safari (Game Drive) are made for the guests (Mostly)
  • Tasks are assigned to respective REP ( Representative / Team member)
  • Daily entries are done for the services delivered during the day to the guests
  • Parallel entries are made for the mediators i.e Guides, Driver, Taxis etc.
  • Order is complete once the guests departs
  • Detailed Invoice is submitted to the first agent/ tour operator company
  • Personalised statements / reminders are sent whenever required
  • Whenever made, Queries of debtors are answered in detail.

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