Manage Flawless Credits by CreditWorthy

Party Performance Dashboard
Party Performance Dashboard

Benefits –

  • Significantly saves your costs and manual work due to many automation functionalities.
  • Useful in scenario where frequent transactions are done through multiple parties.
  • No burden of remembering current balances and outstanding of parties during dealing / billing.
  • Party’s current balances / past sales, payment, receipt performance at single report.
  • Party’s Performance Report helps to decide limits for parties.
  • Easy to decide “How Credit Worthy is The Party?”

Key Functionalities –

  • Manage credit process in comprehensive manner.
  • Notify and Control when either Credit Limit or Credit Period exceeds.
  • Checks credit limit and credit days both before and after entries in voucher.
  • Control payment to party whose credit limit is crossed.
  • Also control credit note to party whose credit limit is crossed.
  • Only admin / owner can set limits.
  • Include PDC Transactions.
  • Credit Limit of Group also.
  • Comprehensive Ledger Performance Report.
  • Enhanced Multi Ledger Limit (Credit Limit) Report.
  • Limit Statistics Report.